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Spending years as a marketing manager for an independent firm, I understand the challenges companies have when it comes to building a marketing plan, managing a budget and executing before, during and after  a campaign. Today’s marketing mix must be diverse and willing to test new channels and different messages to reach a wide variety of consumers that are ready to purchase.

I’ve learned over the years the difference between marketing theory and practical application, attending Colorado State University for business I developed an appreciation for business owners and the commitment it takes to be successful. 


I’ve lived in Colorado for the vast majority of my life, my parents moved to Loveland when I was one year old after emigrating here from Vietnam. I grew up with an appreciation of the outdoors and have worked within the outdoor industry as a writer, photographer and Creative Director. Fishing has afforded me the chance to travel to beautiful places, meet amazing people and experience things that I would have never been able to. 

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