I’m responsible for finding new partners for North Media, placing media buys, building relationships, setting goals, measuring results, as well as helping you create and build your vision. In a nutshell; I am our client’s personal advertising liaison. If clients have questions, issues, or ideas and need to talk to someone, I’m

the man they call.


Growing up I saw firsthand the ups and downs of owning a business. I saw how advertising affects income and what it takes to convert opportunity into reality. I was fortunate enough to have a role model who taught me about hard work, sacrifice, and what it takes to be independently successful.


While pursuing a degree I discovered passion, not my own, but rather what passionate people will endure in pursuit of their dreams. In myself, I discovered an ability to tell stories through film about these people. After being part of a few award winning documentaries, I received my degree and headed west to this amazing playground we know as Colorado.

Colorado afforded me a chance to lead the life I always dreamt of both personally and professionally. I have helped people discover their passions, overcome daunting odds, and helped business owners become not just profitable but lucrative. I have also taken my own passions to heights I never thought were possible. Most importantly, I have been blessed with a family that has given me an overwhelming amount of reasons to work hard, sacrifice, follow my passions and redefine what success means to me.  

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